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Start capturing your processes right now in visual flowcharts, and get your team to contribute flashing out all the small details of the workflow. Improve efficiency by minimizing onboarding costs, making substitution a breeze, and retain the critical knowledge of your team members.

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Time is valuable

A knowledge worker spends an average 7,5% of their time on locating information, and an additional 15% to recreate information that’s already there. Drill provides easily accessible information on a single web interface, and allows team members to collaborate on a continuously evolving, adaptive system.

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Is Drill for you?

No matter the size or structure of your organisation, it is very likely that there is a great application for Drill in your company.



If you have great staff turnover, work with volunteers and temps, and onboarding or exit is an everyday event, Drill will help keep things under control - even if your processes are still changing and evolving.


Critical processes

Complex, recurring tasks can cause a headache especially when the know-how is contained in a team member’s mind and they move on or retire. Drill helps you hang on to the knowledge and run it exactly as needed, every time.



Too busy to train the new staff who should be helping you become less busy? Drill will help them self-orientate. If your business is expanding, or you’re a franchise, Drill is the lightweight tool to keep your processes coherent and uniform across all your units.

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Drill does not replace your systems, it is a layer on top of all your tools - online and offline - to keep everything organised. Set up your base workflow in minutes, and flash them out later. Or even better: get the actual person on the job to add the details.